WPC: Transient

Sometimes she wonders
what is behind her what is waiting there
for her to see
what does the view look like after she passes through
and she now looks
with knowing eyes at the past parts feeling less
overwhelming brighter more filtered more (more…)

Weighted Leaves

I can’t help it I feel all
the weight of each leaf holding on, the thoughts
of doubt, ridicule the dreams that haven’t
found their way through those memories left behind
the constant worry
am I doing this right my furrowed brow my head full
the blurred transition between what

Actually is and what can change for good
sometimes I want to scream out loud “How cursed!”
I feel to feel so much
some minutes I just want a break from the whispers
good or bad it is hard to get a full breath
it is hard to get rest it is hard
to keep standing up for my heart and offering what it feels to those who hurt

I will continue to notice continue to feel continue
to wander through the tree top leaves and find
the beauty in their connection see the light peeking in
seeing each effort spilling leaf as part of a whole
somehow this makes me less likely to be confused about why
I feel so weighted down and need to cry
to lighten this weight sometimes


Tangled up we are so tangled
up in our head full of thoughts we are not good
enough no one is listening few see
the light in between the shadows and dark
thoughts clouding our ability to just be

And why, why do we continue to speak
in such a way to ourselves
to the world to our children to our journal pages why
is it so easy to only see the mess (more…)

Forest Light

And yet there it is
again the light from within
warming the backs of those who hold you
dear no matter if you are faced with fears
questioning what is or what might be, it is
for sure light held in love is ever bright (more…)

Seeing Differently Challenge- 6 of 15

What is the beat to your life
what is the hum
in the background moving you
along are you busy so busy you are afraid
you might fall down do you run
from moment to moment with panic in your step
climbing an invisible ladder toward
more regret with so much clutter
and noise you can’t see the sky and the colors growing muted
with each new to do loaded on (more…)


Within the beauty
of a day there are so many places where one can stray
and fall
get lost and distracted
hurt by words allowing shame to cloud
the brightest of growing moments and in doing so each time
I twirl spin off close my eyes
to the whole picture the whole moment I lose sight
of myself my gifts meant to soften this world
my endless love
my wide heart beating without question and then all I am
is just like everyone else

** This post is part of the lovely weekly photo challenge brought together by Leanne Cole. You can find the entire gallery of Monochrome Madness from this week, HERE.

Holding Me

Today as I sit I feel
as tall as a tree reaching my nose
to the sky seeing the glistening
outlines feeling the shaded sun ease
into my squinting eyes the softer light
warming my face hearing the trees holding space
now closing my eyes
instinctively this view expands into my dreams
my wide arms feeling
so much to hold or is this view beautifully
holding me

** This post is part of the weekly challenge brought together by Leanne Cole. You can find the beautiful gallery of other entries, HERE.