Questioning Spring

Am I the only one who doesn’t trust
the blustery winter chilled winds
cutting in-between
layers of clothes and within
where the blue skies so fresh and inviting
entice (more…)

WPC: Transformation

I find that Holiday lights transform in many ways, they make a room feel more inviting, they illuminate a tree to become a centerpiece of a home, they can soften even the saddest of buildings, the harshest of days and I appreciate their power more each year. (more…)

Forest Truth

There is a line definitive and true
where the forest begins
its canopy instantly consuming

my thoughts into silence my steps into miles
my breath smelling the wondrous decomposition
the uncontrolled web of life I can’t help but enjoy

the view I must see with my head propped
at an angle looking up seeing the limbs of the giants
touching the wild shades of green (more…)

Within My Mind

I asked myself as I walked through my mind
keeping track of the path
over rocks roots divots and hoof prints who am I now
I can’t seem to shake

this questioning heart with few roots
and plenty of bruises from floating away and falling back down
where is that voice
that I couldn’t write down fast enough who felt (more…)

WPC: Transient

Sometimes she wonders
what is behind her what is waiting there
for her to see
what does the view look like after she passes through
and she now looks
with knowing eyes at the past parts feeling less
overwhelming brighter more filtered more (more…)