WPC: Transformation

I find that Holiday lights transform in many ways, they make a room feel more inviting, they illuminate a tree to become a centerpiece of a home, they can soften even the saddest of buildings, the harshest of days and I appreciate their power more each year.

This was a first attempt at photographing at night with my camera. It took a few trials but the weather was blustery and warm outside in our backyard and the moon kept encouraging me to keep trying.

** This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge, you can find more entries for “Transformation”, HERE.



  1. A magnificent photograph, Carrie. Like you, I love the gentle transformation that Christmas lights bring into our lives. In fact, I light the interior of my house with small strings of light or lighted branches in vases during all the long winter months we have in Craig. They ease my heart; I never tire of looking at them.

    1. It doesn’t surprise me that you find a way to enjoy the ambiance of Christmas lights for as long as you can. I completely agree, I feel my heart soften, open and ease into a deeper more meaningful place when in the presence of soft string lights!

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