Fall Season

Inside Me

This morning as the rain begins
its relentless seasonal soaking of the ground
the warm bright light
is left to shine behind the thick lid of clouds

I notice myself shifting from looking
out the window
to looking inside myself
a shift as gentle as waking up (more…)

One Four Challenge- November wk 4

The culmination of four weeks of tinkering, exploring and learning. Here are my four different images, and the original as well. I will include a poll at the end of the post, where you can vote on your favorite. I’ll write a poem inspired by the winning image and post it on Thanksgiving.

This week I just started clicking and sliding away. I decided at some point something interesting would appear, and if not, I would just return to the original and start again. (more…)

One Four Challenge- November wk. 3

Arcata Community Forest, Arcata CA

Week 3, I have played and dabbled with this image and learned a lot in the process. I think I really like the additions, although maybe I went overboard. Not sure yet, what I will do for next week. There are possibilities of course. If you see something in this image that is popping out at you, I am all ears. I really am very new to reworking an image. I usually work on it, let it sit, work a bit more and then leave it…never to touch-up again. (more…)

The Wandering Gift

When there is time in the day to wander

Photo By: Carrie

And stop

Photo By: Carrie

To listen (more…)