With hesitation I am called in
to the tangles endless directions feeling
socked in hearing the crunching
of my feet and snapping twigs I wonder
if I am alone or did the trees know I was coming

Standing straight and trying to find
my brave voice
I call into the shadows knowing they won’t call back
so further I go between the light
and shadow noticing the chaos

Starring back at me chills begin
before the wind picks up my worries and throws them further in
to the questioning limbs scratching thoughts
curiously demanding me to be myself
to strip away the fear
and blame and stand there in the wilds vulnerable and plain

In truth and in need of myself
in need of the understanding even here
I am not alone I am not undone
no the wilds are there to stare us all down
to encourage expanse eye-opening strength

It takes courage to continue
within the hesitation to walk within
the fear but I have noticed when the wilds present themselves
once I walk in
I find home within myself again and again

** This post is part of the Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness. You can find the post to all the “wild” entries, HERE.

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