My 300th Post and Excerpts of 10 Days of Poetry

First off, wow, I can’t believe I have written 300 posts for this blog. A little over a year ago I set out to carve out a space to write, to explore my photography and here it is…carved out and eagerly waiting for me to share with almost 400 of you, my followers. (more…)

One Four Challenge: May week 3

This week I decided to play with Robyn’s suggestion from last week. She gave me the idea to bring together the black and white version from week 1 and the watercolor from week 2. Since I don’t use Photoshop and we all know Lightroom doesn’t have a layering feature I was rather skeptical that I would get a result that I liked.

The Torch

Photo By: Carrie

Burning deeply cutting
Through the noise of reality
The rich flames continue to billow
And flare lighting the way through
The darkest of moments you follow
The sound of the flames (more…)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

Photo By: Carrie

“Take your child outside” a local event in town was on Saturday. After spending more than two hours learning so many things about our local watershed and marsh, the last item on our passport was to use this poetry wall to write a poem about our experiences.

My boys (husband included) looked directly at me, “Mama, you can write the poem.” I refused. Instead, all four of us looked over the words on the wall. Some already in other poems, some free-floating, all words were fair game. (more…)

Day 1: Top Five of Monochrome Madness

Photo By: Carrie

I find myself looking deeply into the tiny details of a given moment, I can easily get lost. I notice this happens when I have my camera near me as well. I don’t look at my surroundings in the same way. My thoughts go quiet, I actually hold my breath, I have no idea how much time has passed, how many photographs I have taken. Most of the time one or both of my sons have moved on, around a bend in the trail, it is almost always time to catch up when I finally look up. –posted April 29, 2014


Follow Up– Where to Crop?

Photo By: Carrie

This was a very useful exercise, I posted on Thursday asking for some help with this image. I realize now, I was so fixed on the rocks and timing the wave splash that I didn’t pay attention to where they were in the frame. Oh, so much to learn… (more…)

Where to crop?

This is a bit of an unconventional post, I guess. I am asking for some help.

I posted these images on my Facebook page yesterday and received some great feedback from friends and family. But, now I think I have more questions than answers. Let me explain.

I took this image on our recent trip to Fort Bragg, at Mackerricher State Park. The sun was setting, it was within the golden hour and the waves and ocean shore were very picturesque.

I am happy with the coloring in the color image and the black and white image is getting there…but I can’t find the right place to crop either of these images. In its original size, it feels like there is too much ocean and sky. The rocks, which I appreciate get lost, to me.

Photo By: Carrie