There is a stillness that I long
for ache for ever look for
in every view

I am now in front of
my breath
sharper than I would like my mind

wandering beyond the light and it is frustrating
that it takes such might
to just be with the beauty

of this still
quiet living

and as the fog envelopes me
in its last breath before
the sun is too much for it to stay, I notice

I am as still as everything around me
and peace feels possible touchable describable
more than just a figment

of my imagination and I begin
to more than wish the fog
will win today instead of fade away

** Please consider reading this poem slowly, take a breath after each line, give yourself time. Soak in the view, as I did when I was walking along the path between the campground and lighthouse at Cape Blanco State Park in Oregon. This is the second time I’ve been to this place and it felt just as special as when I first was here. Behind me is a 100 or more foot cliff and then the ocean. The winds are as wild as the waves here, it is a powerful place where if you are not ready for all the feelings stirred you can easily find yourself overwhelmed and almost tortured. But, for me it is just what I crave. A place where I can’t hid from myself or what is right in front of me. And so, what else is there to find in a place like that than peace. I haven’t written here in a long while, there are always reasons for the break between posts. But, when I am ready to write, be it often or in parts, I am so thankful for this space.


  1. I am always willing to wait for you to write, dear Carrie. I read the poem as you suggested in your personal and interesting explanation of both it and the photograph. the second stanza and the last held me the longest with their power.

    1. Thank you, Janet. I’m so happy you continue to come back 🙂 I appreciate you reading and taking your time…we all need a reminder to slow down and look, feel, breathe once in a while. I needed that reminder the day I wrote this, for sure.

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