Forest Truth

There is a line definitive and true
where the forest begins
its canopy instantly consuming

my thoughts into silence my steps into miles
my breath smelling the wondrous decomposition
the uncontrolled web of life I can’t help but enjoy

the view I must see with my head propped
at an angle looking up seeing the limbs of the giants
touching the wild shades of green (more…)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

Photo By: Carrie

The High Sierra Nevada is like a parallel universe. It exists as it is, dynamic and full of profound beauty. Ready and waiting for me to walk among its towering ridge lines and granite faces while finding my soul’s reflection in its alpine lakes. It waits for my return so patiently. I am usually not as patient. (more…)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symbol

Photo By: Carrie

Rock Creek, Sierra Foothills

Have you ever carved your initials into a tree?  As romantic as this tradition sounds something has always stopped me from adding my mark into a trunk of a tree. I guess my relationship with trees runs more than surface deep. (more…)