Within My Mind

I asked myself as I walked through my mind
keeping track of the path
over rocks roots divots and hoof prints who am I now
I can’t seem to shake

this questioning heart with few roots
and plenty of bruises from floating away and falling back down
where is that voice
that I couldn’t write down fast enough who felt

like a friend mother and ancient one
sending me messages of love who feels
dimmed distant uneasy quiet out-of-touch I am
churned up my thoughts are so clouded

my feet lost
with each next step on the path I know I must walk
sounds all sounds are louder than I can bear
anxious tension fills the air and my breath

so shallow it hardly counts
hardly keeping me afloat and as I am swirling
thick in worry and angst my head and heart facing the ground
my eyes hardly looking at anything

a glint of brightness catches the edge of my face
I have no choice
but to follow the light
spread between two trunks of a tree ready

for me to admire stop and see
how far it reaches how wide it lights how welcome
oh how welcome this sight
my chest warmed my eyes embraced and that is enough

for this minute this hour
this day I am standing in this moment whole and okay
calm with my face to the light
knowing its rays are wider than all the unknowns in this day

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