Forest Truth

There is a line definitive and true
where the forest begins
its canopy instantly consuming

my thoughts into silence my steps into miles
my breath smelling the wondrous decomposition
the uncontrolled web of life I can’t help but enjoy

the view I must see with my head propped
at an angle looking up seeing the limbs of the giants
touching the wild shades of green

saying hello welcoming me to stay awhile I don’t want to move quickly
I don’t want to walk in a straight line
or even stay on the path I want to explore to jump and skip

from fern to fallen branch
to climb up and over a toppled tree
walking its length

to the tiny tip and back to its intrinsic roots
I want to get lost
without feeling that way to allow myself time

within the confines of the forest to be as it is
quiet and still expansive
and deep thick and engaged with everything around

I am always disappointed when I notice
the boundary between the woods and reality
coming back into view

where I must step out of the protection the whimsy
I must find more time
I must stay a while longer


    1. They really are. I’m fortunate to live so close to a protected Redwood forest and a 15 min drive to the beach. The best of both worlds for what ever emotional mood I’m in!

    1. Magic indeed. I am honored to live among them and hear them talking to me đŸ™‚ I’m not crazy, just in tune with the wind sometimes. I’ll tell them you say, hello! I know they’ll be honored to hear from you, too. Thanks for reading and commenting, Janet. I love hearing from you.

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