WPC: Silence

A blanket of truth and quiet
a softness that quickly builds the drumming
of your own heartbeat
it begins get louder as you tune in
to the breath
beneath your feet the exhale of the ocean waves
the sky welcoming your gaze it is palpable
and the silence comes in endlessly
seeping between
the cracks of reality and finds a home
in your dreams

** This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge and you can find more entries, HERE. This week’s theme is silence. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with silence. Although, in the past few years I long for the vacuum of silence. I crave its depth and in-your-face push, where you can’t get away from it until you face it head on. It calls me out if I am ready or not.

I took this photograph on top of Strawberry Rock just outside Trinidad, CA. The morning fog was still holding strong along the coastline and even my boys, who worked really hard to get to this perch with me, were silenced into stillness when looking out at this view.


  1. A perfect match of photograph, title and poem. You are so good at selecting complementary components, Carrie. I also like my visual of your boys silenced by the tremendous scene in front of them along with you.

    1. It was a fun adventure. I was really proud of them and the view was so much more than we were expecting. Such a wonderful morning. Thank you for your kind comment, I really appreciate it, Janet.

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