Night-time Luck

I found myself drawn to the window as the glow from the moon and newly lit tree magnetized the view. My hands reached for my camera before I could question the idea of taking photographs in the darkness. And, as I opened the slider warm night air– such an eerie feeling for the end of November– welcomed me layer-less and eager to begin this experiment. I don’t have a tripod, I know! So, I instantly walked to the edge of our deck and laid on my belly trying to see if I could get all I wanted in the frame. I wasn’t lucky enough to make that work so I sat on the ground in front of the deck, holding the camera on my knee and tilting it into position.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

Photo By: Carrie

As a family, we walked from our campsite to the boardwalk to see the sunset. The Ocean waves crashing, in then out building to swiftly come again. The light turning from bright daylight to softened tones of peach and blue. My boys energy slowing with each fallen inch of the sun. (more…)