WPC: Rise/Set

Tree silhouettes tip toeing
to the skies while the quietness envelopes
the wilderness once more
no brilliant hues needed

to get to the point the day this day
is coming to an end
where you may find
yourself connecting the dots to the hours

you just lived and your breath may tell of how your body feels
well for me
there is something mighty refreshing about dusk
the whispers of darkness

still held back and hushed
I often find myself with a burst of energy
to climb higher or find the perfect view
to hold my breath in respect

it is all I can think to do wondering
as if the sun is offering an extra moment for anyone
or thing to notice
until it gives up and goes mightily quietly gone

no matter if you are ready or giving no notice
setting until ready
to rise boldly, vividly, awakened
beyond the beginning dawn

**We were asked to share a favorite photograph of a sunrise or sunset for this weeks challenge. I must admit, to chose a favorite is impossible. But, I can choose a favorite way to enjoy a sunset. For me, that includes a blue sky with the dark silhouettes of mountains and trees going dark before the sun almost in honor of the sunset. A quiet simple sunset like this one almost gives more time for reflection than the bold brilliant ones. I find I can ease into the night-time so much more easily when I’ve paid tribute to the going of the sun.

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