Questioning Spring

Am I the only one who doesn’t trust
the blustery winter chilled winds
cutting in-between
layers of clothes and within
where the blue skies so fresh and inviting
short sleeves and no socks
from the window
but I swear
there is laughing as I step across the front door threshold
reminding me taunting me
to get my extra coat and hat
when covering up feels wrong yet exposure is too vulnerable
caught in the unsure pattern
again and again
it begins the questioning I never care to engage in
wandering into uncomfortable places
and harsh experiences
a time of year where I think
most are distracted by sugar and that gratifying pop of color
while I am still clinging
to the comfort of an extra blanket
warm tea and a fire lit room

** Spring has brought a thick layer of fresh snow in the local mountains and inches upon inches of rain to the forest and coast. This time of year has always felt turbulent and rough. The sun too bright, the winds too cold the anticipation of summer too far away. Have you ever thought about how you feel about Spring?


    1. Hello Leanne, so nice to hear from you. Yes, it looks good for spring weather this week. We’ve had quite the accumulation of snow and rain over the past month. It will be interesting to see if the weather pattern continues for you into your winter to come. I hope not for your sake.

    2. Ah Hah! Leanne, you must have seen some of Sandi’s other picture posts. Yes, she is amazing with her camera and her insightful comments. Now she is challenging us to write from the heart.

      I can only sympathize with those who watch so longingly for spring. Here, where I am, temperatures soared above 100 all this week.

  1. The photograph is splendid. I used to see scenes like that when I lived in Carson City and went to Lake Tahoe in the winter. Your poem captured spring, the unstable season which seems to toy with our minds in exactly the way you described. I always feel I need a four-season wardrobe just to dress appropriately in the spring.

    1. Yes! I like that, a four-season spring wardrobe. So true, Janet. I took this photo a couple weeks ago while going sledding with my family. It was just a short 30 min drive from our house and 2500 ft of elevation change. So, not that much/far if you really think about it. I had never seen so much snow up there, they got 14 inches of fresh powder the night before, our car didn’t even make it to where we intended it too. It was a pretty walk for sure.
      Oh spring, I am a mixed bag of emotions this time of year, mostly dipped in annoyance and impatience. Thank you for understanding my sentiments!

  2. Hello Carrie! I’m back from an amazing trip to the Southern Hemisphere, and making some blog visits. Hope you are well and have dug out from under the snow.
    Spring can definitely be a tease, but I have to confess to enjoying our two spring time snow storms last week. Other than the damage to trees which is heartbreaking, I enjoyed snow which I missed this past winter.

    1. Hello Laurie, thank you for stopping by. Your trip sounded delightful and such an adventure. I’ve wanted to go to New Zealand, Australia for a long time. I know I’ll get there one day! Thanks for your thoughts on the first of spring…the days are getting a little warmer now and so many blooms.

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