Shade offers protection, a sense of calm from the heat of the day, some relief. I hope I can offer a similar feeling as you rest under this shady tree.

As a mother to two wild young boys living on the North Coast, in Humbolt County California, I know I need a personal space to write, to share, to honor the adventurous, soft spirit that I am. I could not think of a more beautiful place to open to inspiration than the shade of a tree.

The more often I give myself an opportunity to come within, to quiet myself and open to the wonder around me, the greater the opportunities arise to learn and grow.

Humbolt County is remarkably inspiring, all of the photographs and words that I share on this blog are my own. I used a Sony Cybershot point and shoot camera for many years and just upgraded to a Sony RX100. I edit most of my images in Lightroom.

Please join me in the shade, partake in the conversation and grow with me. I am so glad you are here.




    1. Yes, you get it! I live in Southern California, did not grow up here or understand it all that well. It is SUNNY and bright here, everyday practically. I have needed to create shady sanctuaries for a while now. It only felt fitting to name my blog accordingly. Thank you for stopping by.

    1. Thank you for enjoying my photographs and taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it, Hartley. This tree really is an incredible subject isn’t she. I spent a lot of time admiring this tree for all its bumps, textures and presence. It feels so good to know there are other tree admirers out there 🙂

    1. Lita! I am honored. Thank you for considering my blog beautiful and reading enough to understand the detail and thought I put into each post. I really am thankful. I will pass this award on.

      1. Thank you, my husband whisked my boys away from the house for a couple of hours this morning. My weekend is off to a great start. The sun is out, the flowers are gorgeous and I can enjoy them, photograph them and savor the fresh air at my own pace.

      2. Ace! The quality of light this week has been super. I love Spring, all the colours in the garden look so fresh. The sun has been beaming all week. Here’s to a great week ahead!

    1. Hi! You just made my day 🙂 So lovely to know there are other owlets in the world. Thank you for the follow, I will come over to your blog and rest a while once I get my kiddos to sleep.
      Thank you!

  1. Carrie, many, many thanks for the follow on my wee blog, it’s great to be able to welcome you aboard. If you have any requests / suggestions I would love to hear them. Have a great weekend, will now be taking a tour under The Shady Tree. MM 🍀

    1. Hello MM, thank you for taking time to look around! I really appreciate it. Your blog may feel “wee” but your photographs offer a look into your vast talent. Thank you for the support. Looking forward to learning from you!

  2. Thank you for stopping by my little blog and taking time to look around. I will gladly join you under the shade tree. I look forward to seeing more from you.

    1. Hi James, thank you for taking time to look around and join me under my shady tree 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more from you as well.

    1. Thank you so much. What a lovely comment. I am really happy with this Theme. It really allows me to do what I enjoy most, sharing images and writing. Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate the feedback!

    1. Wow, Cybele. Pleased to meet you too! I have enjoyed your monochrome work for a long while on the MMC and have a new found fondness for your work with Robyn’s challenge.
      Thank you for wandering under my shady tree…I look forward to your visits!

  3. Hi Carrie, Since getting involved in the MM and One Four Challenges, I keep noticing and liking so many of your images. And now that I have had a wander under the Shady Tree, I can also enjoy the lovely thoughts and words that accompany your photos – I look forward to following more of your beautiful posts. 🙂 Chris

    1. Thank you so much, Chris. I really have appreciated your work on both challenges as well. I have visited your page a couple of times but I could never find the “posts” it always kept me at the welcome page. You are probably shaking your head right now, I just figured it out…the POSTS tab. Okay, now I am in, ready to follow you too. I love your MMC images and appreciate your feedback too. Thank you for taking a wander around my shady tree. It means a lot.

      1. I know, what was my problem!! So sorry. But, so happy to have connected and really looking forward to your posts. Thanks for giving me a break 🙂

  4. It’s a beautiful blog. Can relate to the shade of a tree you talk. I want to even take a nap under them ! keep sharing…

  5. Well East Coast Girls are hip
    I really Dig Those Styles they Wear
    I wish they all could be California Girls!!!
    I too am an east coast girl living on the Gold Coast in Australia
    We have oodles of Palm Trees and some lovely Japanese Maples
    I need to find a big old shady tree like yours to provide me with the shade to dream
    According to the Beach Boys Carrie you are the cutest girls in the world
    Talented too!!!! Beautiful photography and I love your blogs
    From Annie on the Gold Coast in Australia 🌞 🌴 🌊

    1. Hello Annie. Thank you. Yes, that song always plays in my mind when I say I live in California 🙂 I used to live in Southern California for a long time and always felt so exposed. I was always looking for the shade. So, I named my blog accordingly! Now, we live in an incredible part of California where the Redwood Trees meet the Coast. I even have them in my backyard! What a dream come true. So happy to have you visit, take care and come back soon.

    1. I am looking forward to the same, Margaret. River banks and the Sierra…both bring a lot of peace and happiness to me. Looking forward to seeing it through your lens and artistry.

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