Seeing Differently Challenge- 1 of 15

I can’t take my eyes
off the depths of you
the translucent rippled years
shimmering in the sunlight the number of days
and nights spent still and tranquil
the effort only placed on those trying to see you
so many invisible
layers shades textures and hues giving anyone who takes the time
to settle into your views
a lesson in how intricately beautiful our depths
within transcend

Lake Helen is quite a sight with Lassen Peak towering over her backside. Most people, including me at first, look for the landscape shot with the Peak in the background. The combination is an incredible scene, it is hard to keep your eye in your lens, there is so much to see. But, I couldn’t get past the layered depths on the shore line. And, let’s not forget the incredible colors of the water. So much to enjoy and treasure. It is always a pleasure to spend time in this park and marvel at the wildness in the details as well as the vastness in every direction.

Robyn at Captivate Me has challenged her readers to see differently through their lens in October. Her idea is to look at all those inspiring things we photograph and to see them differently, see them through our lens in a new way, with a new focus, in a new light and to run with it.

It sounds like a fun challenge and a way to start breaking out of the routine focus I’ve found myself in lately. This idea really jumped at me because I have actually been seeing how I photograph a bit differently or so it feels and yet I’ve been a bit shy to share. So this is a great opportunity to break out of that misguided feeling.

I’ll continue to include a running gallery as I progress this month. Check out the link above for more details to this challenge and please join in if it catches your attention. I enjoy open-ended challenges like this that really stretch my creativity and comfort level.


  1. Carrie this is a gorgeous study (words and image) of beauty! It’s so true that we start with the bigger picture.
    Those layered depths are gorgeous – the ripples, the gradient of light and colour and those gorgeous highlights!
    I’ve been looking into a dam on the farm in the same way – amazing what you see.. and imagine!
    Beautifully captured and written 💕

    1. What a wonderful comment, Robyn. Thank you. I fully agree and look forward to seeing your view within the dam you speak of. I love looking deeper, within myself and my images. I am enjoying this challenge immensely, thank you!

      1. Oh I’m so happy you’re enjoying the challenge Carrie 😃
        I will be most happy to explore the dam and try to capture what I see, to include in the challenge. Thank you!

    1. What a lovely compliment, Britt. I’m so grateful my words touched you and stayed with you. This beautiful National Park has that effect on me too. Such a stunning place and a wonderful place to get deep and dive in.

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