Seeing Differently Challenge- 12 of 15

Begin to lose focus
of the overgrown thoughts suffocating the view beyond
casting shadows and mossy gloom
around those weathered dreams that are expansive
beautiful and right in front of you beckoning
your eyes to look to explore their needs
you don’t have to see it all to know
your dreams are there shifting
with the seasons evolving with each passing month
ready and ever waiting for
when you finally catch up

My family explored a national wildlife preserve just south of us for the first time this past weekend. It felt so lovely to walk on the beautiful paths and to see all the birds and woolly caterpillars enjoying their day. As I get closer to number 15 I can tell I am really going to miss this challenge. I think I have shifted my perspective on what kind of images I enjoy taking while focusing on this challenge. It is nice to have a fresh look at things and I am mostly enjoying the freedom I feel in creating images I want to share. It isn’t like I haven’t done that in the past but veering outside the parameters that I have placed on myself (almost unknowingly until doing this challenge) feels really good.

Normally, I would not share an image with the branches out of focus but I actually accentuated their lack of clarity as I processed the image because I could feel that I wanted my poem to emphasize the need sometimes to look beyond things clouding over your beautiful life view.

If you are interested in learning more about this challenge please look HERE for the details. Or you can search the tag, seedifferently2016 for all the entries.

My gallery so far:


  1. I love hearing that you have tried something different and I’m so glad to hear you say “I think I have shifted my perspective on what kind of images I enjoy taking while focusing on this challenge.” That is awesome!
    Enjoy exploring Carrie and keep trying different things.
    I have so enjoyed seeing your different images and as always reading your heartfelt words.. Your posts have been a great encouragement to me this month.. and always xx

    1. What a treat to have so many lovely, thoughtful comments from you. Thank you, Robyn. I am serious when I speak of this challenge. I have learned something that I was searching for!
      I’ve loved the opportunity to write so consistently, especially when I have a lot to write about! The encouragement and inspiration comes circling back to you, Robyn. Thank you for seeing something in what I see and enjoying my words. It is always wonderful to hear from you ๐Ÿ™‚

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