Seeing Differently Challenge- 13 of 15

We all have so much
to say in the light of the day
so much to express tenderness devotion love
emotion wonder humor sorrow bliss
all at our finger tips ready
to create as we listen
to our inner spark remarking
guiding creating inviting us
to clearly fill up
the lonely page

At first glance this photograph my not look significantly different but it is and here is why. First of all, my son has blossomed in the last week or so, wanting to draw all the time. This was Monday afternoon, he refused to participate in his aikido class. So, we lounged on the floor while his brother did the class. I could tell he wasn’t up for class and really just needed some time to create as he wished.

I noticed the light falling beautifully on his freckled face and found my camera in my purse. I’ve always wanted to turn my setting to black and white only on my camera. So, I decided to play too. I’ve never shot directly in black and white. I loved it. You may be seeing way more black and white images from me as the weeks go on. I am really drawn to this look and feel.

I also chose to process the image a bit differently than I usually do. I added a bit of sepia, softened the image around the face my son was drawing and played with the highlights and shadows more than usual.

Only two more images to find! I am looking forward to them finding me soon. If you want to see all the images from other contributors use the tag, seedifferently2016 or go HERE for more details.

My gallery so far:


  1. I’m very excited for you that you’ve found a new way of shooting to enjoy.
    I love the softness in this image.. and the B&W – the light is stunning and the subject (your boy) is perfect. The concentration on his face…is as it should be when you are passionate about something. Another artist in your family?!! 😀

    1. Yes, black and white has always drawn me in. Yes, could be! My youngest is really into drawing and loves to share what he sees. I love his spark!

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