Seeing Differently Challenge- 3 of 15

On the edge cascading
truths falling into the gutter a weathered mess
words slipping and muddied with doubt
and intertwined with shame hate blame I always think
I’ll remember how to play the game
to see the cliff
before I fall to grasp at roots holding strong
but the pull into the madness into the swarm
is so much more enticing
than standing above and watching
everyone below me squirm

I am not a publicly political person. I hold my thoughts close and strive to emote love and acceptance of all in my words and photographs. But, I know where these words in this poem above are seeping from. I know how much I want to speak up and jump into the flames.

I found this image last night as I was walking with my boys, just the curb of the sidewalk with some fallen leaves. I tried my hand at splitting the image into thirds, which would be the edge of the sidewalk, the leaves and the road. In doing so, I didn’t even notice I was splitting this image directly in half. There is a dramatic quality to the image that I am enjoying and the crack deepened in black and white added to the drama.

If you are interested in joining into this challenge of posting 15 images in October with the idea of seeing differently than you usually do through subject, focus points, processing or other inspirations you can find all the details HERE.

The Gallery so far:


  1. I knew after reading the first three lines that your words were reflecting the current political climate. I identified with every word; like you, I try to keep my opinions and reactions to myself while modeling the behaviors I would like to see in our politicians. As always, I enjoyed the description of your thinking as you captured the thought-provoking image. Another challenge. You are something Carrie with your passionate enthusiasms for poetry and photography coupled with your willingness to push yourself.

    1. So interesting, Janet. It doesn’t surprise me that you model well and think hard. I am glad to hear that you identify and understand. Yes! Another challenge, this one doesn’t feel like work though 🙂 Which I really like.

  2. I always find it best to keep my political views to myself. I’ve found that even people who are usually perfectly reasonable can get quite riled if you disagree with their viewpoint. Great post. 🙂

  3. Once again perfectly written Carrie. Very emotive considering the political climate and all the drama that seems to be playing out.
    I love this image. I’ve pondered it for days. I see the 3 way split, but the b&w is definitely more about splitting the image into two.Strange and wonderful, that something like the sidewalk/footpath can make you look and look again and again!

    1. Thank you for the thoughtful comment, Robyn. It is interesting, strange and I’ve enjoyed coming back to this image as well. Drama indeed. Thank you for taking this post in.

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