Seeing Differently Challenge- 5 of 15

Oh what I would give
to close out the distractions around me
to bask in the sunlight in the quiet
stillness warm skin warm thoughts
and marvel at my abilities
to exist just me without the loudness
of the world filling up the surrounding space
weighing down my shoulders
my internal colors muting my voice
and there would be no claustrophobic shoulds and mights
just the sun and me
and maybe a slight breeze

I went for a walk in my backyard two nights ago. I found this lone fern frond spotlit by the lowering sun. I played with my camera settings for a bit to see what I could see differently and I realized if I under exposed the image I could make the background almost solid black. The fern stayed beautifully lit due to how perfectly angled the sunlight was on the fern. So, I began to play with the angle and look of the photograph. It was really fun.

If you are interested in joining in on this challenge from Robyn at Captivate Me you can find more details HERE.

And the gallery thus far:


  1. This poem feels like a companion piece to the poem I commented on earlier that alluded to the politics of the moment. The segment surrounding “…without the loudness
    of the world filling up the surrounding space…” is powerful, as is the photograph.

    1. Thank you for reading and seeing my efforts, Janet. I always appreciate your feedback.
      I think it is true, you could make the point that I am struggling with the loudness of the world right now politically. But, my words really were coming from my heart. My dad has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and there are a lot of struggles and stresses weighing on me. When I saw the blackness I felt such relief wash over me, like I only needed to focus on one beautifully lit thing.
      I will note, I am doing well with the weight. I have learned how to take care of myself and I do! And writing allows me to hear how deep the sorrows and worries go. Grief and sadness are part of life and I long to live a fulfilled life, which means feeling all feelings as they come. Thank you again for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it.

  2. I echo your beautiful words wholeheartedly Carrie!
    I LOVE that you explored your beautiful subject, the light and your camera settings. I can feel your enthusiasm in this one. Lovely!

    1. I am noticing that those who see closely and quietly with their lens (like I try hard to do) are resonating with my words. It is lovely to hear. Yes, I was enthusiastic when I saw what I did in my viewfinder! Such a surprise and just what I needed to find these words. Thank you Robyn.

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