Seeing Differently Challenge- 2 of 15

Come have a seat in the light
let yourself sink
into the comfort of my company
the efforts of the day fall
away your heart open to the love
connecting us
and the clock slows and breaths deepen
minds easily sift out those unwanted burdens
and together we unwind
intertwine enjoying the simplicity
the messy quiet view

I was making dinner last night and when I went to bring the food to the table I noticed the reflection in our wood stove. It called me closer and the late afternoon light streaming in the window added the drama that enticed me to bring this image into black and white.

So, I found number two out of 15 images in October for this challenge. If you want to participate as well or learn more about the challenge, you can find the details HERE.

The gallery so far…


  1. Good morning from me Carrie 😃 I love this image and such a great capture of the moment by you.
    I so enjoy your words and images – I do hope you will collate them into a book one day.
    Fantastic number 2!! I love that vivid light 😃

    1. It was one of those moments where I couldn’t take my eyes off the reflection. So much going on around me but I managed to find a way to capture stillness and peace, which is such a treat. Thank you for your kind thoughts about my love of words! I do dream of a book…still hasn’t presented itself in a way that I can find something to run with. But, I love the opportunity my images give me, to find the words that go with them. It is really such a great process of creativity for me. It means a lot that you notice and appreciate them, together.

      1. I do know what you mean Carrie. So good that you could take the moment too.
        I love them together – I feel the connection. I know I’ve always said that, but you have a gift.
        Blurb is a self publishing platform? Just a thought. I’m sure there are many others.
        Look forward to your next image 🙂

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