Seeing Differently Challenge- 7 of 15

The view within
you a kaleidoscope of visions
centered on your lens a floating rainbow
of dream-like places wandering
with the winds you can’t keep up
with each thought each emotion they come and they go
but seeing them on
their way is a gift
each and everyday

My boys were enjoying themselves this morning on our deck. My youngest was gifted a bubble catching game for his birthday. The moist morning air was making the bubbles cooperate and it was so much fun trying to capture their joy and happiness.

It might not sound true but I didn’t manipulate this image except to crop it and then darken and soften the background. If felt the bubble needed to stand out a bit more. Can you see my reflection? How about my lens? I was amazed at the clarity and colors within this image being that I was standing on my deck and this bubble was a good 10 feet out and on the move.

If you are curious or interested in the details of this challenge please look HERE to learn more. Or search the tag, seedifferntly2016 for all the other entries so far.

The gallery of challenge images 1 through 7:


  1. Isn’t this wonderful Carrie! Such fun experimentation.. and with your boys. Fantastic! I think your treatment of the background lets the bubble shine πŸ˜ƒ This really is seeing differently!

    1. Thanks Robyn. It was so fun! I was loving the reflections of the trees in the bubbles and they were having so much fun catching them πŸ™‚

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