Seeing Differently Challenge- 8 of 15

There is a deepness
to the morning as dew and fog lifts
with the anticipation of warmth
from the sun and the moon
still holding up the sky with a slight yellow glimmered smile
so many hurry past within
their cars cooped up and wrapped still warm in their beds
but the dawn has so much
to say if you allow
her to awaken you by feeling her heaviness
on your cheeks kissing you hello and then sinking in
so your day can not be the same
as the one before

As I drove my boys to school yesterday morning I was struck by so many beautiful things flying past my car window. And then, this field and the fog and the moon and even an elk heard were all together. They were calmly merged as I sped past. I dropped my boys at their school and crossed my fingers that the scene had not changed in the few minutes I was away.

I pulled to the side of the road, I walked quietly and wished that my breath was quieter. Oh there was so much to feel and enjoy. I rarely pull off the road, especially in the morning to take photographs. But, I wanted to see my morning differently and I am so glad I did.

If you are interested in learning more about this challenge you can find details, HERE. And if you are looking to see more from other participants you can search the tag, seedifferently2016.

The gallery so far:


  1. Oh what a beautiful post Carrie. I’m so glad you stopped to enjoy the morning. Something to remember and somehow makes you feel a little more complete.
    As you know I share your passion for nature and was out doing the very same thing this morning – watching the mists rising before sunrise. Seeing first light and returning with wet feet and a smile 😃
    You inspire me!

    1. Awe, lovely Robyn. I love that vision, wet feet and a smile. And, yes, it was worth being late to work! So worth it. It never will cease to amaze me at how refreshed I feel after spending time outside in the morning air. I must get out there again soon.

  2. I’ve looked at this photo many times since I first saw it. I’ve gon back to it in my Facebook feed at least 3 times. I think it could pass as an oil painting – the texture and depth gives that impression for me. It is another beautiful image!

    1. I appreciate that you have looked again and again. It was such a beautiful moment in the morning! The image on Facebook is the landscape version of a similar view but I loved the moon captured in this one and wanted to share it here. Similar affects to both images, I love playing with the clarity bar when I process an image. The fog lends itself well to getting “smudged”. Thank you, Johanna so much.

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