WPC: H2O and SDC- 4 of 15

I love the often intricate reflections on water. I am not one to like to stare into the mirror for any length of time but I am always willing to give a water reflection as much time as I can. What a surprise to find so many jewel tones within this reflection in our backyard. An old tire has many uses.If you are curious to see how others have featured H2O this week, you can find their entries HERE.

As for the Seeing Differently Challenge, here is my 4th entry out of 15. There is a real freedom to this challenge, I am really enjoying it. The premise by Robyn at Captivate me is to capture 15 images in the month of October with the intention of seeing differently. So, making photographic choices you wouldn’t normally make or processing differently. It is a lot of fun and is inspiring me to look for images where I wouldn’t usually look. If you want more details look HERE.

My gallery so far:


    1. Yes, I think so too. I am having fun. Feeling like I don’t have to think about what I’m posting but instead get creative and feel more. I love that!

  1. Ah, it’s a tyre – yes I see now! Awesome! Another image that makes you look again and again. Such a juxtaposition in this image – the dry, thirsty and lifeless on one side and on the other, life with all it’s colour and freshness! Fantastic point of view!

    1. Yes, you see what I see! That juxtaposition really caught my attention. As did the reflection of such rich colors. It is abstract but that is what I am really enjoying about this challenge the most. The ability to think abstractly about what I am seeing! Thank you, Robyn.

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