Seeing Differently Challenge- 10 of 15

Smooth and wide borrowed
time so little to see it is hard to breathe
but slowly I find the courage to stand
still to allow to open to the winds
and give my lungs what they crave
moisture rich tears sprinkling my face and finally
I am surrounded
with grace

There is so much circling within me these days. I gave myself 20 minutes on Friday to explore a new beach. The lid of clouds was thick and relentless but the view was inspiring. Amazingly enough only three hours later the sky lit up with the most brilliant sunset I have seen in years. Only another beautiful lesson in how quickly and deeply our view can change.

I have been thoroughly enjoying this challenge. Especially because part of the beauty of it is seeing what is right in front of you in a different way. So, I am taking more pictures and giving myself more opportunities to see. Which I love. If you want to see other images within this challenge please search the tag, seedifferently2016 there are some beautiful images by others participating. And to get more details on this challenge suggested by Robyn at Captivate Me look HERE.

My gallery so far:


  1. Very often, your words and images make me ponder before I can leave you a comment.. this is one of those, although I’ll try to make sense 🙂
    I love seeing the subdued ocean view and hearing your thoughts about seeing and reading your ever emotive words. So good Carrie!

    1. What a compliment, Robyn. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and patience to think on one of my images and words. My dad was diagnosed recently with pancreatic cancer 😦 and it is late stage and I am far away from him. This monochrome, soft, wild, inviting scene gave me a lot that day.

      1. Nature can be very comforting at times when we ‘see’ and ‘be’.
        I’m very sorry to hear of your dad’s diagnosis and being away does make it more difficult.
        Hugs to you Carrie xx Take care.

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