Seeing Differently Challenge-15 of 15

And again it comes in waves and roughness
in quick and steady
there is no denying
no hiding it just is and so am I
knowing the winds will carry this
too by and by at some point but not today
and as long as I can recognize
the truth that I am not alright
but I am with love and alive
so I will be
I am okay with the view outside
in the brewing life fought storm

Here is my final photograph of this month-long challenge. What a beautiful experience it has been. I am thankful I took the leap and gave myself some extra challenges. Like writing a poem with each photograph and not going into my archives for any of the images except the very first one. I have learned that it feels good to see beyond the normal view, to push myself to tell a story more carefully within my images and that my words are deeper when I do this.

I took this photograph at the same time as the last image I shared, #14. This time I switched my camera to black and white mode and zoomed in a bit to just the cloudy sways. I liked the look of a few branches on one side giving the sky some depth and scale. I know I will continue to experiment.

Here is the final gallery of my images, they are numbered from 1 to 15. Please check HERE at Captivate Me for links to all the final galleries. I would love to hear about one or more of your favorites and if you are curious of the poem that goes with a given photograph I will leave a link to each post here too.

My final Gallery:
















  1. Absolutely breathtaking image, Carrie! And your words… So beautiful, every one. You are a wonder, my friend! Sending love!!!

  2. Another beautiful point of view… the skies can be so changeable.. as our circumstances are too I suppose.
    Beautiful words again Carrie and hugs to you xxx
    I LOVE that you took the challenge to yourself to write, along with experimenting with your camera – such a powerful and emotive combination… Don’t stop.
    Thank you for joining me in this month long journey… For me finding the images was only a part this month, but enjoying everyone else’s experiences was a wonderful surprise!
    Thank you xx

    1. I so appreciate your continued support and encouragement. Thank you, Robyn. I started looking into making a book, at least for my family and me for the holidays and I’ll see where it goes from there. Looking forward to working with a friend to bring a calendar to life filled with my photographs and snippets of my words. A dream come true in many ways. This was such a breath of fresh air for me. Great idea and thank you for checking in so often! I appreciate the hugs and that you read and understand what I am trying, in my own way, to convey.

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