Seeing Differently Challenge- 9 of 15

There are moments
within a day where there is time
to marvel
at the sky to acknowledge
the passing of daylight as it folds
into dusky night and no matter the place where you stop
your feet your mind your body and give
your heart the time it needs to breathe
to rest to dream about the palette of colors
only painted on clouds in the evening
you can’t help but stand up tall shoulders back hair flowing free
and the breezes blow your arms up
and low and behold
wings begin to unfold

Last night the sky was rich with color and my son and I took turns watching the beautiful sky and colors from a very high redwood stump in our yard. I nearly gave myself a heart attack at the height in trying to get above the tree tops to gain an unobstructed view. My son embraced the height like a pro and although, the colors were brilliant, I find this image of my son in his preferred dragon cape the most intriguing of the batch of photographs I captured. And again, I am reminded what a gift it is to see things differently, especially when I am with my boys.

If you are interested in learning more about this challenge you can find details, HERE. There is still time to join in. The challenge is to post 15 images within the month of October from a different perspective, way of processing or even with out of the ordinary camera settings. You can also find all the entries by using the tag, seedifferently2016.

My gallery so far:


  1. Incredible photo! Before I read your description i thought the silhouette was a totem pole or something similar knowing it was in fact your son gives the image some extra depth for me thinking about the strength and energy of what I initially believed. ❤️

  2. a slightly spooky tone to the first image and my fave is the second!! beatufiful seeing differfently images. Gorgeous night and I love the impression of arms metamorphosing into wings!

    1. Thank you, Cybele. I have really enjoyed this challenge. That second image…I’m assuming is the one with the moon and the wild field? That was my 8th entry, and it was a beautiful morning! I really appreciate your comments.

  3. The image is so intriguing. I studied it for some time, drawn to it but with a touch of uncertainty. And then your poem completed it for me. The last four lines took my breath away. What a perfect marriage of photograph and poetry. Wonderful, wonderful, Carrie.

    1. I am so fortunate to have your kind encouragement and comments so often. Thank you! This was a special moment, the sunsets have been incredible lately and I am longing to get into open space to see them. But, the sun is setting just before bedtime for my boys, a hard time to sneak away with my camera. I loved seeing my boy feel the power and energy from the setting sun and his love for his dragon cape never goes unnoticed by me 🙂

  4. Love that your dear boy enjoyed the passing of the day as much as you Carrie!
    I can’t tell you how much your words resonate – they just make so much sense to me and describe perfectly the end of a beautiful day at sunset with all it’s glorious colours – bright or not… and the way you feel watching it turn into night once again xx
    Love!! ..the dragon cape – I think we should all have one 😛

    1. I think we all should own a dragon cape too! Such fun. Thank you for your beautiful comment. Seeing nature unfold in all its beauty with my boy makes the moment and the words flow easily!

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