Seeing Differently Challenge- 6 of 15

What is the beat to your life
what is the hum
in the background moving you
along are you busy so busy you are afraid
you might fall down do you run
from moment to moment with panic in your step
climbing an invisible ladder toward
more regret with so much clutter
and noise you can’t see the sky and the colors growing muted
with each new to do loaded on

between the dings from your phone and the e.mails
you ignore the constant bombardment of what is wrong
with the world it is exhausting unnerving
uninspiring anxiety alarming to rarely say no
to be everywhere you should and not where you want
but how do you stop
slow embrace ignore
open engage ask questions
take your time rest relax
deep breath make mistakes unwind
uncover and just stay in one place
for a while

I am often drawn to the tangled mess of branches and leaves. There is something appealing in the abstract wildness of the overall look and feel to me. I don’t often share these images, I think technically speaking they are a mess but I thought it would be a good time to share one with this challenge. I chose to edit the image in black and white and then I brought back a hint of color through Lightroom in the Split Toning editor which I think captured the depth of how far back and intricate the branches and leaves go into the image.

If you are interested in learning more or participating in this Seeing Differently Challenge hosted by Robyn at Captivate Me. Please visit my first post to see how to get started, HERE.

The gallery so far:


  1. Once again, I love your treatment of this image – by reducing the saturation, it has given me the feeling of the canopy being further away than it is – not quite sure why that is relevant, but that’s the feeling I get.
    Love your words – always – and I’d like to give a resounding no to being too busy and say that nature, my family and taking a pace to enjoy the views along the way are what makes me happy.
    Thanks Carrie – I’m so enjoying your journey through October 🙂

    1. I so agree, my pace is slow, I rarely say I am busy and my busy is someone elses easy. The pace of our world is WAY too fast for me and I am thankful I know that. There was something frantic about the image that brought those words and I feel like when I am trying to slow and notice all the aspects of me ready to fall off with the falling leaves many around me are ignoring the shift of the season and instead keeping a pace that feels frantic and unsettling to me. I think that is where the connection happened for me. I am grateful for your time in looking, noticing and commenting so thoughtfully. Thank you, such a gift.

  2. So many times, Carrie, I find myself exhausted from reaching out to so many. It is mandatory for me to take time out for me, deep in Silent Forests, away from civilization and noise. The noise level and the pace hurt my essence and I truly crave quiet. Your words here are powerful and should be in my opinion, read by all. Yet the hurry to race to run to go to work is crazy. My husband has gotten into this mode and it is driving me up a wall. He’s gotten plugged into the pace of the world while I go at my own pace which is fast yes, yet I know when and how to slow down or pull back. You are such a Blessing and such a Great Light. ❤

    1. Awe, Amy, thank you. Yes, so many are running through their life unaware of their pace or the fact that their efforts are truly getting them nowhere within themselves. Claiming to be busy is such a red flag for me now. I have rarely carried that flag although my family growing up was a proud member of this club.
      Some of us feel deeply, the weight of the world, the weight of a minute and if we don’t become aware of what our true essential pace is, we are miserable and exhausted. Take good care of your kind empathetic heart, she has beautiful work to do!

      1. Carrie, it is challenging for me to remain Balanced and well rested. One way I do this is through my camera and Mother. I need that Silence that only Mother can offer of the Now Moment. Because I am empathic I avoid the world much of my time and yet I still feel the “energy”. I have one sister who I can relate to and we have really worked at having a good relationship. Years ago she would get extremely uncomfortable when I would refer to “energy”. Now today she feels it as well and there are times I just have to smile and laugh, ribbing her a bit saying, “Remember when”…? Running only brings on dis-ease and death. It’s terrible. I myself have so many responsibilities that it is a must I take out easy days where I literally just veg on the couch. Bless you for your wonderful words to me. I am deeply touched. ❤

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