WPC- Shine; SDC- 11 of 15

Inside each of us is the ability
to chose to feel over run
streaked with all the emotional debris of of the world
that will act like a film coating our true selves
and weighs each moment down or we can look within
slow our breath and find a reflection
that speaks our truth that shares the light
from within shimmering bright and reminds us how
to shine from the inside out
within this chaotic world

** This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge and the theme this week is, shine. We were asked to share a photograph of a time the shine from something caught our eye enough to take a second look to try to capture it. You can find more entries, HERE.

I walked outside my front door and saw the back window of our car lit up with this view the other night. Rain streaks from the afternoon reflecting the beautiful golden light of the last moments of sunlight on the day. I tried to see it differently, since that is my first thought these days while participating in this challenge. I liked the fall colors to the side background and the abstract look of the trees through the dirty streaks of the back window. Something I would not have noticed in the same way without this challenge from Robyn at Captivate Me.

My gallery so far:


  1. To find such beauty, both in image and words, in the back window of a car is a gift, Carrie, an incredible gift. The take-away lines for me from the poem: “… the emotional debris of of the world that will act like a film coating our true selves…” and “…and reminds us how
    to shine from the inside out…,” two counterbalancing statements that create an interesting tension in your poem.

    1. Oh Janet, it has been a long day and I must say your comment gave me a rush of satisfaction that I really needed before the day was complete. Your words mean a lot and I am so thankful that you read and understand my writings so carefully. Thank you so much.
      I have thought about this photograph since I took it last week and knew the words would come if I gave them a little time to find their way here.

  2. So glad you saw this!! It’s completely amazing… ok so I’m a bit excited, but it has everything I love 🙂 Abstraction, glorious colour, light and mystery… Love it 🙂

    1. 🙂 I love your enthusiasm, yes! I was so excited to see it too. The colors were so incredible and I loved the opportunity to write about our hidden light shining bright always! Thank you so much.

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