Day 7 Prompt- Fingers Prose Assonance

Photo By: Carrie

Tempting Fingers:

Reaching tentacles with a natural intention. Calling birds, bees not so subtlety in their direction. Keeping their focus, catching their minds. Placing a bet that when something flies by they will notice, stop and continue the cycle of this flowers life. Bathe themselves in the flowers hand, dancing all day if they can. Each finger offering a sweet spring infused drink. Nectar dripping and sliding down their beaks. The tempted bee now covered in pollen must fly low to compensate for his consumption. The tempting continues until the sun starts to bake away the flowers finger tips her petals instinctively retract to recover. Tomorrow she will simply tempt again.

**This post is part of two incredible challenges.

First, Monochrome Madness, brought together each week by Leanne Cole and Laura Macky. This is the 51’st edition of MMC, next week is the year anniversary. I will pay tribute to the challenge all next week with a look back to my favorite entries. You can find this weeks entries HERE.

Second, Writing 201’s assignment for Day 7. We were prompted to write a prose poem about fingers using the assonance device. A prose poem is “any piece of verse written using the normal typography of prose, while style maintaining elements of poetry, like rhythm, imagery, etc.” And an assonance device is “subtler than alliteration, but can have a profound cumulative effect on a poem, especially when the repeated sound resonates somehow with the topic you’re writing about.”


  1. Again, a perfect pairing of a photograph and a prose poem. I saw assonance, rhyme, metaphor, simile, repetition: all the things were were told we needed to do to write a good prose poem. Very nice.

    1. I enjoyed this one. At first, I didn’t think I could pull it off, using my monochrome image and connecting fingers to it…but slowly it evolved and then the words started flowing, thankfully. I like to write my poems this way usually but with no punctuation and I break lines up in the middle a lot. This exercise made me fine-tune each word more thoughtfully since they would be read as individual sentences which, I will take with me for sure. I think from here, breaking this poem up into lines could take it a step further, which is really cool.

  2. I love your photograph – the light on the petals is just gorgeous. I’ve never heard of a prose poem but I think it’s something that I’d like to try out sometime. I love the line ‘ Each finger offering a sweet spring infused drink’.

    1. Yes, Louise, I could see a prose poem fitting your writing style well. From what I gathered there are few rules other than you don’t use any hard returns or formatting. Because you don’t get to add drama to your words with formatting it makes you think harder about what you are trying to say, a great exercise!
      I am so excited, I just got a new camera…I have been saving and reading reviews for months. This is one of the first photographs I have taken with it, I have so much to learn but it details light beautifully and is so crisp. I am so happy!
      I really smile at that line you mentioned too, I don’t know that I would have found those words if I wasn’t writing everyday like this challenge makes me do. I am really happy with what I am learning so far πŸ™‚ Thank you for your support and kind encouragement, it means a lot.

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