I was visiting a friend’s garden the other day and this cabbage caught my eye. I love the color palette and all the veins in purple. I felt a bit like a bunny getting into the leaves of this cabbage to find the best vantage point. A fun way to spend time in the sun with friends. (more…)

Flowers on Friday: Balanced

Photo By: Carrie

This week has rushed by without feeling rushed. We trimmed up two of the 5 redwood clusters in our yard on Wednesday. I had no idea how much work it would be to clear the debris, wow. It was well work the work, the sunset last night was visible due to our clean up and so spectacular my son stood at the window until there was no color left. (more…)

Flowers on Friday: Wild Rose

Photo By: Carrie

As I write this we are on the road, enjoying a family vacation. I miss writing everyday but I must admit I was feeling rather depleted before we left for our trip. The words were flowing but then there was no more thought or creative energy for photography or poetry once they were on the page. I was running on empty. (more…)

Flowers on Friday: Getting Closer

Photo By: Carrie

If you are familiar with this blog you know that as much as I love photographing trees I am equally fond of getting as close as I can to flowers. Like nose in, acting like a bee, laying on my stomach, becoming one with the ground, close. I drool over macro images I see in my reader and think…man, I have macro lens envy. (more…)

Light Within

I pulled into the gravel parking lot, noticing the golden hour beginning and a patch of yellow flowers, lit from within. I almost drove into the median, where the clusters of flowers were wildly planted while looking them over and back at the clock. Others were arriving for the meeting too, it wouldn’t start without me since I was leading the discussion I decided.