Writing 201

Day 10 (Last One) Prompt- Future Sonnet Chiasmu

Photo By: Carrie

My Future Kitchen View:

Looking out the window, my feet on the plank hardwood kitchen floor
Baking banana bread, my the house sure smells heavenly
There is enough room on the counter for the recipe to expand
and room in the farmers sink for a meals worth of dishes to rest (more…)

Day 9 Prompt- Landscape “Found” Poem Enumeratio

Photo By: Carrie

Clam Beach, CA

Looking mysteriously north, over tree tops
   The magic seaside confidently big, Pacific
Leaping and curious and daring and creative
     My adventure begins
         Time to pack, I forgot how
Don't forget how to love you to shine
              All wonderful     and sleep
              Red wild          and wish
              Light stars       and care
              Just you tonight  to accept
                                and give
Others see fire and almost night and wish the mystery of their destiny would
Get lost in the magic of the view
But I am living in this blue deep wonderful night sky
     You can too


Day 8 Prompt- Drawer Ode Apostrophe

Writer’s Fright:

Frantically looking here, everywhere
Even just a tiny creak a clue to their perfect hiding place
But there is nothing, not a sound

It’s not fair! I scream in a brow curled scowl
Stop hiding, I know you are there!
My feet stomp emphatically (more…)

Day 7 Prompt- Fingers Prose Assonance

Photo By: Carrie

Tempting Fingers:

Reaching tentacles with a natural intention. Calling birds, bees not so subtlety in their direction. Keeping their focus, catching their minds. Placing a bet that when something flies by they will notice, stop and continue the cycle of this flowers life. Bathe themselves in the flowers hand, dancing all day if they can. (more…)

Day 6: Prompt- Hero(ine) Ballad Anaphora/Epistrophe

Photo By: Carrie

Clam Beach, CA
You Me We:

You generate natural awe and inspiration
You easily over take my worried heart
You have my essence when in your presence

You are wind, roots, waves, caves, I feel
You settle down when I dig
You slip into the moist ground (more…)

Day 5: Prompt- Fog Elegy Metaphor

Photo By: Carrie

Mad River State Beach, CA

Mama Fog:
I remember waking up clearheaded
Rested days as individuals
Not running together endlessly my schedule
Was undecided and carefree
There was no looming cloud-filled thoughts (more…)

Day 4: Prompt- Animal Concrete Poetry Enjambment

Photo By: Carrie

Hidden Wings:

                      An intermission in the stormy skies
            Looming, I have a few minutes before my next "have to"
           with my camera jumping out of my pocket I wander simply
           Among the planted garden looking for raindrops glistening on 
          Branches, petals with the hints of fresh sunshine illuminating
             Tiny jewels, my eye catches a damp but wonderful Iris
           Her petals clumped together like chewed purple gum, not much
          Of a wonder and yet I am drawn so I carefully lift her petals
          to uncover her beautiful layers and ruffles to my surprise
                            A creature stirs beneath
                            The petal I just turned
                            I jump with a start
                            Then move in slowly to see
                            A moth hunkered down
                            Trying to weather out
                            The storm he is safe
                            And dry and curious
                            We stare at each other
                            Neither of us move            blink
                            But I did admire his natural abilities
                            For quite a long time my nose to the
                            Petals wondering how long this creature
                              Was quiet listening to the rain
                               Pouring and then it starts


Day 2: Prompt- Journey Limerick

Photo By: Carrie

Blowing Forty:

On this day I am witness to forty years blowing by

All I can do is embrace the pace and sigh

Over the hill, I am willing to keep climbing

Clouding over skies, perfect timing

My arms outstretched wind howling this time, I am ready to fly (more…)