MMC- Repetition

Quietly it begins the thoughts
of unworthiness laid like a blanket where you want to climb in
further darkening the feeling
until maybe just maybe you won’t get up
but why?
even asking the question sparks some light
the suffering shadows feel grey
instead of dark and you may be mistaken
although it feels there is some light now pouring around you
tempting your heart
to rise to your knees to your feet to your head lifting
with each breath and when you look
in the mirror you find you again
purely looking back
at you with a loving smile and you know the cycle
within your own mind is complete
this time

** Sorry this is late in response to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness challenge. She posted it yesterday and life is FULL right now. Please go visit her page, HERE to see all the Repetition images, they are beautiful.

Please take a moment, comments encouraged.

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