Shining down overwhelming
the darkness goosebumps raising frown lifting
eyes expanding beyond the ground
the spring time suffering is draining away
and in its place your vulnerable cleansed body
thin and tired but whole basks in the sun-drenched fresh sands warming
from the inside out calming the confusion
holding you in place
and the wild cathedral easily
embraces you as you are

** This post is part of Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness. You can find all of this week’s entries, HERE. I must say, I am please to be the featured photograph this week. The magic of this place is hard to deny.

This is another view of the photograph I shared yesterday. Those sun-rays really add to the drama of this image in black and white as do the shadows on the fresh morning sands. I don’t think there is a more special place to start Mother’s Day. My boys playing in the sand, my husband checking the cliffs for new rock types and our puppy at the beach for the first time.

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