WPC: From Every Angle

It doesn’t hurt
to look

around at the height
the width the foreground to find

an angle hidden
at first now bursting

with stories and morning
light casting shadows sending

your senses on
an unexpected journey

My family visited Lassen National Park this past weekend, I was treated to a morning stroll through the campground with my boys. This is Summit Lake and this scraggly tree kept my interest for a while. As I walked away from the lake I noticed the sun beaming through the branches, I think it is my favorite of the three, how about yours?

This week’s challenge was thought up by a very talented blogger and one ofย  my very first follows when I started this blog over a year ago, Shane Francescut. He writes for the blog, The Weekly Minute and his angles and ideas for images are worthy of a long look over. You can find more stories of multiple angles of the same subject, HERE.


  1. I couldn’t pick a favorite tree, Carrie. I like the way your poem moved me through the three photographs, allowing me to see what you saw; so you made each of them important to me.

    1. I love that you can’t choose, Janet. I stole about 3 min maybe 4 away from my boys wandering the campground while their dad hiked to the top of Lassen Peak that morning. The light and mist off this lake was so beautiful. I love this Park, it was our first time here, we will go back again and again!

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