Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

Photo By: Carrie

We all have to start

Somewhere, no need to look up

Feet will follow your heart

**Please click directly on the image for the best viewing. This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge, to see many other interpretations of “Wall” please click HERE.

My younger son was three and our family was exploring some beautiful slot canyons outside of Palm Springs, CA. Before we made it to the canyons my son decided he was ready to climb this wall. He is ambitious and I was instantly inspired.



    1. 🙂 Yes, the scale of our Earth is rarely measurable. I tried, hard, to get the top of this rock wall in the image but it was still so much higher.
      I’ll check out your image, I enjoy images like this too! Thank you!!

    1. That is the challenge with my boys too, hard to get them down safely.
      In this case, he never made it very high, the wall was very smooth. The slot canyons are so awesome there, that was an adventure!

  1. Wonderful! Your little boy at the bottom really does emphasise the immensity of the wall. I love that he wanted to climb it and wasn’t put off by the scale of the job. I hope he keeps that outlook! 🙂

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