Reflecting You

Photo By: Carrie

Your view of the world, full
with wonder delighting

in the clouds
and the moon following

You seeing the big picture wider
than most asking so many questions

about how it all works continuing
listening (more…)

One Four Challenge: May week 4


Another month complete, I enjoyed working on this photograph this month. I hope you enjoyed the transformation.

This week I went for an old school California postcard feeling. I started with the black and white version from week 1 and started playing around. (more…)


Photo By: Carrie

Just this morning
I felt it again speeding
Up minutes ticking away into
Half hours then days
Taking flight flying by the morning
Routine a blur as am I (more…)

The Shoreline

Photo By: Carrie

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, CA

When no one is
Looking from any direction
Or aware of my plight towards
The water I go it talks
To me singing in waves (more…)

One Four Challenge: May week 3

This week I decided to play with Robyn’s suggestion from last week. She gave me the idea to bring together the black and white version from week 1 and the watercolor from week 2. Since I don’t use Photoshop and we all know Lightroom doesn’t have a layering feature I was rather skeptical that I would get a result that I liked.

One Four Challenge: May week 2

I am not sure why I am at all surprised, I thought this image would be a nice, easy first month back from the break. But, as I have learned with this challenge, it is a true challenge each week I take part. I am not complaining, just noticing how much this challenge really pushes me. I like that.