Summer Under a Tree

Today marks the first day of summer vacation. My boys are thrilled, I am a bit overwhelmed with the thought of endless summer days and their wild energy. At the moment the need to contain their wildness feels unnecessary. So I hope to have this image in my mind most of the summer, the sounds of the sweet rustling leaves, the soft endless hues of green, the branches reaching and winding, holding and calming me.

I am going to honor this time by posting less frequently. I am looking forward to sinking into the direction this summer has in store for us and all the natural beauty from within and around us we will uncover. I hope the same for my readers too. Happy Solstice, happy summer, enjoy!

Flowers on Friday: Hyacinth

UPDATE: Chris and Robyn both think this is a hyacinth, so I am going with it. It did smell divine when I was photographing it.

I find so many flowers that I love while walking, hiking or even driving by. Many times I stop and try to capture their personality, I try to carry my camera with me as much as I can. Sadly, I don’t know the names of so many flowers and I feel like I am doing them an injustice by not knowing. So, if any of you happen to know what this flower is, please tell me. I will update my title accordingly.

The Language of Flowers dictionary defines Hyacinth by color, each color has a different definition. If you were to give the purple hyacinth in a bouquet it is defined as “please forgive me”. (more…)

Life: In Flight

Photo By: Carrie (Heading North from Anchorage)

I feel like I have been away from this platform for long enough. Yet, it has been so long that I don’t know what to share first or how to begin.

The past summer and into these fall months have been so full. Not busy and frantic or anxious and whizzing by. They have been full of hope, love and so much learning. It has been beyond a recharge, more like a shift into a greater understanding of my needs and my families as well. (more…)

Flowers on Friday: Wild Rose

Photo By: Carrie

As I write this we are on the road, enjoying a family vacation. I miss writing everyday but I must admit I was feeling rather depleted before we left for our trip. The words were flowing but then there was no more thought or creative energy for photography or poetry once they were on the page. I was running on empty. (more…)