Into the unknown yes
I say yes I will
go up towards the expansive skies
and distant horizons up where I am reminded
how much effort a step can be up
to the lessons up to the shallow breaths
up to the views that remind me how
insignificant I am up to the challenge
up beyond how high I think I can go up
today up tomorrow up with the living
marveling wandering exploring mind-blowing
changing sacrificing heart opening lung exploding
yes finding climb

** This post is part of Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness. You can find all the entries for this week in her gallery, HERE.

I have posted a number of photographs lately from my backpacking trip to Lassen National Park a couple of weeks ago. This image is from the Cinder Cone located in the northeastern corner of the park. I love this lone tree and the subtle cut out of the trail climbing into the clouds. It is a challenging climb, mentally and physically and I learn something new each time I make my way to the top.


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