Day 3: Prompt- Trust Acrostic

Photo By: Carrie

Trona Pinnacles, Trona CA

I see you growing so strong

Tumbling through the unknown
Requiring the best of me
Understanding you don’t fit on my knee
Second guessing your boundaries
Trusting your gut

Yearning not to have to ask for a cup
Older than I see you, indeed
Ultimately, you will succeed

**Today we are writing about trust, in the form of an acrostic for the Writing 201 assignment. “An acrostic is any poem in which the first (or last) letters of each line combine to spell out a word or a phrase, or follow the order of the alphabet.”


    1. I do too in a crazy, x-flies, wild adventure kind of way 🙂 We went to the Trona Gem and Minerals show for a couple years in a row, we got to drive out to the Halite ponds and gather samples with our boys. It was so fun! We always camp at the Pinnacles, they are so beautiful. It was a great tradition while we lived down south.

      1. So true! Have you been to the rock and minerals show? I know you like to work alone mostly but, the halite field trip is worth going at least once.

      2. You really should. It is such a spectacle and adventure! Get there early to get a place in line, the parking spots get worse the farther back in line you are 🙂 They blow up an area on Saturday for the (blow hole) field trip, that is in the afternoon and on Sunday it is for Halite, which you collect on your own. It is something you would probably really enjoy doing, at least once, my boys loved it, they still talk about it. We did it twice and got great samples both times! Here is the link to all the info, Gem-o-rama is great.

    1. Thank you, Janet. I don’t know how lucky he felt this afternoon…but that is just the journey we are on at the moment. HUGE emotions with no where to go. I enjoyed writing this, always good to feel the love underneath the “everyday” grind 🙂

    1. Oh thank you! It was difficult to continue the flow knowing each line had to start with something specific. But, the subject matter, trust for my son, words just flow when I think about my boys 🙂 Thank you for reading, I really appreciate your kind comment.

    1. I am trying…to let go that is. Some days I am better at it than others. Thank you, Cybele. Your comments always mean so much, knowing you read my words is such a nice feeling 🙂

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