Day 2: Prompt- Journey Limerick

Photo By: Carrie

Blowing Forty:

On this day I am witness to forty years blowing by

All I can do is embrace the pace and sigh

Over the hill, I am willing to keep climbing

Clouding over skies, perfect timing

My arms outstretched wind howling this time, I am ready to fly

** This post is part of two posting opportunities today. First, the image is for the Monochrome Madness Challenge brought together each week by Leanne Cole and Laura Macky, you can see the entire collection HERE (it posts later in the day). And, the words are for today’s writing 201 prompt, a journey, written in limerick form. This is my first, ever, limerick. If you are curious, HERE is a comprehensive description of limerick “rules”.



    1. Thank you! My 40th birthday was last week, this image was taken on that day. It was such a milestone birthday and I felt it moment by moment that day. It was rather profound 🙂

      1. You didn’t really miss it. This was the first post I did regarding the big 4-0. Yes, the day was full of beautiful simple moments, just what I wanted!

    1. Thank you, Janet. I try, this word try should really be in quotes, to live in the moment and have accomplished this on a few moments in my life. But, on my birthday about a week ago, I managed it for most of the day! At the end of it, I really did feel like I could fly 🙂

  1. Happy Birthday! I love to welcome my patients to the 40s as I think this is a decade when women start embracing themselves and their potential. The image is gorgeous and I can’t believe you were able to fulfill two challenges in one post!

    1. Me either! I guess it was meant to be 🙂 This image will hold a special place in my heart for a long while and I totally agree with you, I feel the transformation unfolding already!

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