Giving Thanks

Here I sit far
from the family I grew up with
and thinking of my dad
who is spread between us I am sure, I remember

The house stirring early, the pies
carefully carried from the trunk of my grandmothers car to our front door
the endless table and gravy
I can hear the clinking of sliver
on white etched in gold holiday best dishes and I can easily taste

The tart cranberries
paired with buttery mashed potatoes
crisp skinned barbecued turkey, the togetherness
our quiet moment of thanks and gratitude
before we began to pass the countless dishes

Of fall seasonal colors
to fill our plates with and the love
oh the love
for one another and my memories
shifting to the random Thanksgivings since I was a girl

There are Alaskan friends, new in-law traditions
beach camping and cramped tables
there are turkey disasters and always more cranberry sauce
last toasts with the father I have now lost
but the commonality is the love

Oh the love
for those I’ve shared the table with
and the warm smiles as we embrace
a community meal brought together
by the notion of giving
thanks on Thanksgiving


  1. The innocent children usually only log pleasant memories. Then, as adults experience more pain, other memories are part of the storehouse. Hearts either mature for the better or for the worse. They are our catalog of lessons learned.

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