A Visitor

Speechless the view filling me
from the tips of my hair to the tips of my toes solid
with so much presence clearly

Enjoying its own view the quiet
surrounding this place hushed stillness, so loud
every unnatural sound expressed like a put down to the wonder

The epic splendor the lore following me around
so I am as reserved as I can be
there is a  hummingbird who can’t stop looking at me

Who comes back again aggressively curious
and maybe even a bit angry
I may have decided to sleep near his nest

His persistent fluttering reminds me of my dad
with no reason for it to other than this view
this vast wilderness I know

He never saw the Sierra as I have
this intimate wise drastic immense jaw-dropping thought
overtaken with only the noise of myself

In this tiny moment I am wondering
if it is possible that in places like this
hard to reach out of the mainstream of everyday life

Is this where the possibility is magnified to get closer
to everything living
and past that fills us with wonderful loving opportuinty


  1. Carrie, your words … I read through them a few times, and I didn’t even need to see the image to “see” the beauty and “hear” the silence

    1. Oh thank you, Laurie for such a lovely comment. It was an inspiring place. I feel lucky to have made the long walk to get to this view and feel all the quiet power waiting for me there.

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