Looking Back

A deep breath and twisted neck unsure
of where I am going so why not look back, knowing
the sun is warming my back when I am ready, knowing
there is a path seeing the beauty of what I have left

It doesn’t call me back
instead the winds begin to press
my body made to turn
around making it difficult for me to see

The past, which more easily than I would have expected, eases
into the haze of the ever after and makes me
only remember the softened version of what was
while where I am going is still

To unknown and wild to trust the winds
and turn around so I will continue
to mourn the softening of the past
from this twisted view point

— So much to say since I’ve last been able to post. For now, I’ll just give myself the space to write again and share in bits the feelings I am working through, accepting and holding tenderly. I’m looking forward to writing again and hearing from you.

Please take a moment, comments encouraged.

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