Enjoy the joy spilling from
your lips enjoy the joy tempting your dreams enjoy
the joy singing to your heart enjoy the joy
lighting your spark
enjoy the joy radiating beyond
your outstretched arms enjoy the joy seeping
from your roots into the ground enriching all

You stand enjoying the joy quietly
waking gently warming softly rustling
calming brightening impressing gliding welcoming uncovering
truthfully speaking standing tall shining blue sky bright wide-eyed wondrous
we are all deserving of this
feeling trust it completely
enjoy your joy

I have been gone, much longer than anticipated due to internet issues and my continued resistance to a smart phone. And, I will be gone again for at least a week or more as I tend to my parents, bringing them more love and holding some of their burden for a short time. Although, time, is ever fleeting, there are countless ways to uncover the joy in a minute. And as I wrote this poem that was very clear to me.

This particular minute I captured was at Cape Blanco State Park on the Oregon Coast. My family spent four incredible days there over New Years weekend, each sunset a new wonder. You can get a sense of the scale if you look closely for the white truck on the beach below.


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