Quiet Place

Thankfully there are places still
where the quiet silent stillness
lives alive and well flourishing lushly
surrounding everything it touches
where the only sounds
are the babbling brook and your feet
walking through waters cleansing
the worries time past coolness
seeping up from your toes towards
your shoulders relaxing your eyes
your mind so that all you can
see is now
not then not
almost not some other time
just be and slowly walk
discover where you left yourself

I’ll share more of Fern Canyon tomorrow, in color. This post is part of the weekly Monochrome Madness Challenge brought together by Leanne Cole. You can find all of the entries this week, HERE.


    1. You are most welcome, Margaret. It is quite a place. One of the first places we adventured to when we first moved here. I just recently took my parents, I’ll share about our trip tomorrow. I love knowing that you know where I am talking about! What a treat.

    1. Yes, it feels that way too! I love that I can share this place with my boys and others too. Such a wonderful way to spend the day. Thank you.

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