Exploring Fern Canyon

Places like this take some effort to get to. Of course, I don’t really think of it that way because the effort it takes pales in comparison to the experience. You can find the Fern Canyon turn off along the 101 through Redwood National Park at the Elk Meadow turn off. It is actually part of the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park and costs $8 (exact change only or check) to park.

My parents were visiting during my boys spring break recently, I knew this was the first place I wanted to take them if the weather turned nice. It is a place I want to take anyone who visits here. You step into another realm once you make the first creek crossing. You really feel it, the change of pace, the childish impulses percolate from somewhere forgotten. To climb, run and stomp through the creek and to see if your voice echoes. The towering canyon walls are covered in emerald beauty feathered perfectly and adorned with raindrops and mist. All you can do is be here, experience every luscious shade of green and take your time. I know I will go back again soon.


    1. Yes, it is such a special spot. We’ll go for sure the next time you are up here. I just love it here, I am sure you will too! Thanks so much, Britt.

    1. Thank you, Laura. I couldn’t help but try and get some close-ups of the ferns 🙂 I love how the water sits on them all hours of the day from the sweeping waterfalls quietly dripping from the canyon walls. It is a favorite place for sure. Maybe a bit to far north for you…but I know you would love it. Incredible shoreline there too as well as lot of wild elk.

      1. Oh how I would love it. I could live up there easily. I mean I do like our spot and our view but it’s calm and peaceful where you are. I also loved the water droplets on the fronds. 🙂

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