Winter’s Vulnerability

As winter’s cloak settles deeply over this area I am viewing for the first time in its winter season, I find myself struck by the bare branches of the trees. Reaching high, proudly stark naked, showcasing their blemishes, wrinkles and monochrome hues. Offering those who wander by and care to stare, a glimpse of their imperfect beauty. I can’t help but go a step further, running my finger tips over the bumps and groves decorating their trunks.

In summer and into fall, these trees shook their green evenly strung leaves in the slight ocean breeze effortlessly. Who knew those leaves were hiding so much. I have brought my camera each time I am here, my boys love the local park that these trees border. Wandering near I have never found anything I wanted to take with me until today. This time I found the hidden beauty now exposed, thankfully.

I am grateful for the seasonal shift and the beautiful vulnerability each season emphasizes in its own unique way. There is time, with each one to settle in and admire their secrets.


    1. Your enthusiasm is so sweet, Cybele. Thank you. I just really love that you read my words, thank you. And, I feel the same way about the trees and bark, I felt like I was intruding on their peace.

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