More Than Just An Idea

Photo By: Carrie

Arcata Community Forest, Arcata CA

Just hanging
There breathing air waiting
For the sun?

To shine its light to make you bright
Your insides glow you look
Around and then down the tips

You are turning
Shades you have never seen
Before details exposed

Usually only in the shadows, fears
Melting away songs
Spilling from your lips, tears

Wander on down
Your face fills with grace
More light so

Bright your eyes don’t need
To open it streams in
Builds a fire stoked by thoughts

And desires smoking
Out billows the doubt
Time to grow

Your idea will
Break from its seed


    1. Thank you, Cybele! I was so excited to find that spectrum of light flying off the seed pod. Your comments are so kind, they really make me smile.

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