WPC: Change

Photo By: Carrie

Fireweed, a welcome sight
in Alaska at least
in the beginning
the bright shade of magenta reaching
for the sky with hope and promise
of summer long days
and short nights

Sun for hours past dinner time
fields filled with blooming wondrous
color moving together in the breeze
in sync
with the season and each other
slowly but steadily the blooms move up
an hourglass loosing ground

To dwindling sunlit hours
cooling temperatures eventually
the dark magenta so outspoken
in the fields of greens, browns and whites
succumb to their seasonal shift
peacefully the color drains
the seeds remain ready

To take flight
in the short seasonal
before the snowflakes
and bury everything

There is nothing more distinct to the seasonal change than Fireweed, for me. When I found myself in the midst of the shift from winter to fall last week while visiting in Fairbanks, Alaska I was so excited when I found these last fireweed seeds clinging to the hope of a strong wind before the snow flies again.

**This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge, this week’s theme, changes. You can find more entries HERE.


      1. I had to pop onto Wikipedia to check it out. In England we call it rosebay willowherb. It was in all the verges around here a month or so ago! It’s a beautiful flower.:)

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