Eyes in the Sky

Photo By: Carrie

If you are fortunate enough to sit on the correct side of the plane (the left) and get a widow seat, you then begin to hold your breath as you ascend from Anchorage north to Fairbanks, Alaska. The clouds inevitably gather tightly together as you approach the Alaska Range but maybe you will get to see the giant eyes in the sky. (more…)

Life: In Flight

Photo By: Carrie (Heading North from Anchorage)

I feel like I have been away from this platform for long enough. Yet, it has been so long that I don’t know what to share first or how to begin.

The past summer and into these fall months have been so full. Not busy and frantic or anxious and whizzing by. They have been full of hope, love and so much learning. It has been beyond a recharge, more like a shift into a greater understanding of my needs and my families as well. (more…)